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Environmental Policies

Guidelines For Preserving Paradise

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Resort Policy

1.All batteries are recycled. We have a recycle bin for batteries in our shop for residents.

2. All shower heads are water-saving, and all leaks and dripping taps quickly rectified.

3. We strive to use biodegradable washing liquid for our laundry.

4. Rooms are cleaned using microfibre cloths, requiring no bleach-based chemicals.

5. When possible, we use our economical side-cart motorbike, known as a ‘salang’, in preference to our taxis.

6. All printing is done on recycled, non-bleached paper.

7. All bottles and cans are recycled, and we have easily accessible recycling facilities for residents.

8. We collect can ringpulls to send to prosthetic limb charity Ring Pulls to Limb.

9. We plant vetiver grass and lemon grass around our resort to help protect from soil erosion and to act as a natural mosquito repellent.

10. Where possible, food served in our restaurant is locally sourced from the island. Alternatively, it is bought from sustainable farms on the mainland.

11. Where possible, we use natural lighting through skylights to light our buildings.

12. Big Blue has a ‘no straw’ policy. Straws and plastic cutlery are only provided upon specific request.

13. We are currently working with government officials to educate locals on climate change, including the construction of a climatology centre on the island.

14. Our staff and Divermaster trainees frequently visit the local school to educate the children on fish and coral, and teach them how to snorkel. Through this, we hope to educate future local generations on the potential resources of their reefs and that we should strive to sustain them.

15. Our boats are properly maintained to ensure no oil is leaked.

16. We advise against the use of shampoos and conditioners containing high amounts of preservatives, and offer customer the chance to purchase environmentally friendly washing products. In each bathroom, natural soap is provided which we buy from a local village.

17. All lights use energy-saving bulbs.

Diving Policy

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