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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the difference between PADI, SSI & BSAC?

A: Very little! Each individual training agency is 100% recognised throughout the world.  
The differences between these training organisations are quite small but at the end of the day,
The main difference are...
i)  with PADI you have to buy the manual whereas with SSI you are lent the manual,& at the end of the course you give it back. & with BSAC you are given a CD included in the price.
ii) with PADI the skills are done in a certain order & if you have trouble with a skill you must persist with the skill untill you get it right before we can move on with other skills. With SSI or BSAC we can leave the skill that is troubling you, move on with the other skills & then come back & do that skill again later on in the session.
iii) BSAC Courses are Instructor led & there is no video to watch as opposed to PADI & SSI where there is over an hour of Videos to watch.

Q: Are the certification cards of PADI and SSI recognized all over the world?

Q: I have done my Open Water Diver course with PADI, can I do my Advanced Course with SSI or the other way around?

Q: If I forgot to bring my certification card with me, will I still be able to dive?

Q: If I forgot to bring my certification card with me and I don’t show up in the system, will I still be able to dive?

Q: I want to do the PADI Open Water course with my family. Does everyone need to buy their own manual?

Q: Do I need to have a medical before scuba diving?

Q: Do I need to have dive insurance?

Q: What medical facilities/equipment do you have available on land and on the dive boat?

Q: Do I need a visa to visit Thailand?

Q: I am traveling with non-divers, what can they do when I am diving?

Q: What if I cannot complete my dive course?

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